On trying…

So far my 2016 has been better than the start of the two previous years of my life. We’re cycling (yes, I’m still struggling on the uphills), we’re eating healthier, better portions, (no not dieting, this kind of just happened), and I’m starting to properly fit into my clothes again. I’m finding a good housework routine, and establishing my balance.

It just feels good to start to be back in control this year. I think I’m getting my personal mojo back. It doesn’t mean that I’m not an Atelophobe. But at least in my personal life, I’m starting to get up, and stand up. Which is progress.

I have so far done the following things I am proud of:

  • Got my skincare routine back on track. I can already see the difference after starting again in December
  • My brows are in shape, and being maintained every month
  • My clothes are starting to fit better
  • Our garden is blooming fabulously, and is such a tranquil space
  • The pups are continuing to be my furry therapists, I cannot imagine life without them. They really are the two sweetest beings, and I want to just cuddle them to death.
  • We are cycling together, even though I am a slow-poke and keep everyone at a snail’s pace (sorry hubby….), but it’s nice to get outside and do things
  • I can just feel the difference exercise (albeit a little) makes in my life
  • I’m not necessarily eating my feelings anymore

All of this doesn’t mean I wasn’t sick as a dog again recently¬†– again, bronchitis. Sigh. So I’m going to see a pulmonologist at the end of February to see if we can get to the bottom of this. It will help me a great deal, I hope.

Here’s to keeping on trying to make 2016 better.

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