On trying out some Nimue products…

A while ago, Rubybox offered a Nimue skin kit to some of their fans – all you had to do, was complete a survey, download the new Nimue App, analyse your skin, nominate a bestie to try the products with you, and bob’s your uncle. They would then send out some goodies to the lucky recipients.

I filled in the survey, nominated my bestie, and two weeks ago, two awesome Nimue skin kits arrived for us to try! The App allows you to diagnose your skin condition, keep track of your products and find suppliers and salons near you.

You can also keep a journal to track your skin’s progress through your journey… (I fell off the wagon at day 3. I’m bad at journals, okay?)

I did the test, and it said I have environmentally damaged skin. Fair enough – sitting in an office under an air con the whole day, and living in SA does that. Best part is, they sent a voucher with all the products, for a Nimue Active Rejuvenation Treatment, AND an Active Lotion. How cool?

Well, I immediately started using the products, reading the pretty booklet to make sure I did nothing wrong. And it’s been two weeks. My skin hasn’t decided to declare war on me (which is good), feels hydrated, and isn’t as shiny anymore.


Then I made an appointment at my closest Laser Beautique for the treatment, and to get my extra product.

The Active Rejuvenation Treatment is basically a peel which works magic.

“This treatment delivers superior results, reducing pore size and achieving more refined texture. Elasticity, radiance and vitality is improved. It is┬ásuitable for environmentally damaged, hyperpigmented and problematic skin classifications.”

The therapist offered me some add-on treatments and I opted in – one, a mask, and the other a serum-type product. My skin felt fabulous afterwards, and had an awesome glow.

Being used to chemical peels, this didn’t tingle or sting, but I am sure if you’re not used to it the 15% active product will make you feel tingly. Believe me, it’s a good thing. It penetrates your skin deeper than a physical exfoliant, and works against ageing, pigmentation, and also helps your skin to absorb products better.

Of course, I also walked out with some extra products – one an eye treatment, reasonably priced at R329 (versus my previous which is over R1000 now), and a lip treatment, because, those puckers need to always look good, right?

The prices are very competitive, and affordable – Nimue is an SA brand. So they can still offer affordable skincare solutions. And the best part is, you can buy refills for the pretty packaging, saving you a great load of cash. You basically just replace the inner bits of the bottle. Boom.

Those who follow me on Twitter, must have seen my skincare whines about price and finding something new and affordable. The treatments are in the same range as other professional brands – R540 for the peel, and R150 per add-on product / treatment.

Seeing as I only have one face, I will use up all of the Nimue goodness, and see how my skin fares. But so far, so good.

**Note: We received trial sizes of the products, images are from the Nimue site, and descriptions form the Laser Beautique site. I don’t know beauty terminology and it might tell you how bad I am at math if I try to write those terms myself.

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