cooking a weekend feast for friends.

A few weekends ago, I felt inspired to cook for friends and decided to try out my shiny new pasta machine I got as a farewell gift. I’ve also wanted to make my own ricotta for a while, so decided to barrel ahead and to that as well.

A weekend of cooking challenges… scared? me? Haha.

I ended up making: Ricotta-filled ravioli, topped with sage butter, and a deconstructed lamb-sagne of sorts – layers of fresh pasta, topped with a lamb bolognaise, some ricotta, and Parmesan cheese. (I know, right, lamb-sagne…) 

With the pasta, I also had homemade bread rolls to mop up the last bits of bolognaise.


Feeling that wasn’t enough, I’d been craving milk tart for a while, and wanted to make that too. But instead, I ended up making a Jodetert (Jewish custard tart). Several layers of custard and cookies.Damn thing took about 5 hours to bake, but the end result was SO worth it! Not a signle crumb left!

The verdict: the pasta machine is a wonderous thing. No more manual turning (well, there is  a lever in the box…), the pasta was smooth and silky and delicious. The ricotta, perfectly crumbly, and paired with the sage butter, out of this world. Lamb-sagne, definitely something I’ll make again. Even the deconstructed one – maybe with a bit more elegance next time.

As for the dessert, I’ll hold off for a while before spending that long baking a cake again. It was a great challenge, but flip. I do have a few ideas for incorporating other flavours…

All in all, a good cooking weekend!

Want to see the recipes? Let me know in the comments!

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