On choices… Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice

Sometimes life really throws some hard choices your way. Things where you have to really sit and think, hard, about your decisions, and how it might impact your friends, your social life, your marriage…

One of these situations has presented itself this week.

Do I choose Batman or Superman? The human, super rich, super broody, gadget-driven man in black? Or the alien from Krypton who is super strong, and super hot, once you see past his glasses and reporter front?

Tonight, I’m getting to see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice before all of y’all, and I will try my best to make the right decision… so far, I’m torn. I like both… They’re both orphans, and they are both seriously hot. They both have epic battles, and super cool gadgets and skills. One’s a super rich playboy, and the other a reporter. Both are broody in their own way… One wears black, one wears blue… it is a toss-up, folks. And I’m hoping the movie helps me decide; camp bat, or camp alien… eish.

I’ll let you know who I choose, when I have made up my mind (if i manage to make up my mind). Somehow I think that human might be the way to go… sorry Clark. But the verdict is still out on this one.

Sigh. Sometimes life really likes curveballs hey? Are you a Batman supporter? Or do you fancy the Man in Blue?

Edit: After watching the movie, and waiting for the NDA to pass, I still haven’t decided. Men in tight-fitting suits… and #BatFleck. Not to mention Wonder Woman… I can’t choose. But, when faced with a choice, it is always Batman. And he’s getting older… *swoon* those graying temples. Yes, please.

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