braaied prawns.

We’re getting into the summer vibes here, and today, I thought it could be great to braai some prawns. Nothing better than spending a lazy Sunday afternoon, ending the long weekend with some delicious food, right?

I found some lovely looking prawns at the local Food Lover’s Market. They were cheaper than some other places, but not deveined or anything, so that’s probably where the price difference came in. Nevertheless, here’s what I did:


For the prawns:
Remove the prawn heads, and devein them. I still can’t do this without feeling slightly squeamish, but hey. Easies way to devein, I found, is that when you remove the head, you can see the vein from the front. If you tug that gently, you can remove the vein from there. Else use a pair of scissors to open the shell on the back, and devein from there. Also nice if you want to butterfly the prawns…

I won’t elaborate on how my butterflied prawns came out, because they didn’t. (see picture above)

Next, I marinated them, flesh side down in some lime juice, fresh chillies, and garlic. We don’t have a seafood thingy for the weber, so we used the sammich tray to grill them. I brushed them with some chilli/garlic/lime butter once on the grill. It smoked, a lot. Because fat in butter. But hey…

We cooked them for about 4 mins per side, then removed from the heat, and brushed with a little more butter (just because), and served with garlic and parsley bread and some coleslaw. A perfect hot-day meal.

I’m assuming bigger prawns would cook slightly longer, and would work better to butterfly, etc.

For a first try, I don’t think they came out too bad.

A good two to three tablespoons of lime juice
3-4 finely chopped chillies (I didn’t remove the seeds)
1 – 2 finely chopped garlic cloves

Mix all of that together and as you clean the prawns, place them meaty side down into the marinade.

Butter (for basting):
A good scoop of unsalted butter (I used about half a block, but less would have done too)
3-4 really finely chopped chillies
1-2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
a splash of lime juice, just because
salt, to taste

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