a Chinese feast (of sorts).

A few weeks back, we had some friends over for a visit. They requested duck, as they wanted to see how it was cooked. From the duck, I decided to do a Chinese feast of sorts for dinner.

Starter: Won Ton Soup
A chicken-based broth, flavoured with ginger and a splash of soy. Won Ton wrappers filled with enoki mushrooms, boiled in the soup. Served in a small bowl, 2 Won Tons per person, some spring onion and baby spinach

Chinese dumpling soup. For starters tonight.

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The rest of the meal consisted of: noodles, rice, some bao buns. Crispy sesame beef, duck breasts and sauces.

And then, last week, I made a variation on the crispy meat with crispy pork.

Hopefully, the mojo is still returning. I’m currently reading a lot of recipe books, chef biographies, and the likes. Less cooking, more reading. It’s like I feel that the more I know, the more I will be able to apply. I’ll see how that works for me.

2017 might not be the year of all the cooking… maybe more about learning.


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