On the everlasting hunt for skincare…


Right. It’s official. I **have** to find a new skincare range. The imported awesomes (read: Dermalogica), has become unaffordable.

Initially I thought that the price point would become better with Unilever acquiring the brand, but I was wrong. And now I am hunting. Again.

I’m on the hunt for something locally produced. Hell, supporting the economy and all.

So in the ever ongoing hunt, I have tried Nimue, thanks to Rubybox. I used the trial products but just couldn’t get into the routine I did fall in love with their exfoliating enzyme. I couldn’t see any changes to my skin, but couldn’t see any improvement either.

Dilemma. So, back to Dermalogica I went. Again.

So, thanks to a chat a few weeks ago, with a nice lady while I was having my nails did, she told me all about Environ. So this is me taking a stab at this product line. It’s also a local product range, and it contains vitamin A and C as core ingredients.

The facial felt good, and post-facial my skin was glowy. No redness or irritation. I’m trying out the products (Sorbet ran a nice special… R870 for a starter set) and will see where that takes me.

Else it’s back to the drawing board for me.

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