exploring more of culinary Cape Town.

When I visited┬áCape Town two weeks ago, I made a point of trying to visit some cool restaurants when I had time on hand. I found the following spots… (well, these were my favourites).

1. Knife at Century City
The sister restaurant of Fork in long street (which focuses on tapas) – they have more of a steakhouse vibe going, with steaks, burgers, and grills. Tried the jalapeno burger with fries and it was so yum!

2. El Burro in Green Point
I have heard have reviews of El Burro, and tried the restaurant on my second night there. In retrospect, I should have booked a table – but I honestly didn’t know they would be so busy on a Tuesday. The jalapeno poppers were divine. The churros amazing, and the mains, to die for.

3. Al Dente in Woodstock
A tiny, hidden away, family-owned restaurant in Woodstock. Hard to find, but the food is hard to forget. Limited menu, but everything is made to perfection! Had the gnocchi gorgonzola – pockets of awesome that melts in your mouth. The sauce was so delicately balanced, I could have eaten it off the plate with my finger. definitely worth finding.

4. HQ
The original HQ (well the one in JHB closed down) with their menu of salad, steak, chips and sauce. delicious as always, except a little skimpy on the sauce. Loved their (very hot) poppers!

5. Big Route in Green Point
The best pizza I have eaten in quite some time! with roughly 52 pizzas on the menu, your choices aren’t limited. A restaurant that doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the variety and friendly service make it a place I would want to revisit.

6. Giovannis in Green Point
Even though their coffee is (apparently) to die for, I discovered their deli. And I can happily spend every single cent in there. A selection of pickles, preserves and niceties to purchase by weight – think pickles octopus, artichokes, white anchovies, etc. A selection of cheeses second to none. Cold meats. Breads. Fresh mushrooms!! and then the italian section, where, well if you can’t read italian, you shop by pictures. Loved that spot, and wish I could have brought it to JHB with me!

A truly memorable food-week. And quite a few places I would love to revisit. Thos I didn’t mention didn’t impress me that much – but maybe the hype was just too much. Oh well.

Hope I can find some more gems the next time I am down there!

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