funfetti cake.

A few months ago, I attempted to bake this funfetti cake. It looks so playful and interesting. And even though mine didn’t come out exactly like the one in the link, it was still delicious. I definitely wanted to try and bake this again, but with a twist. For the lazy person, which I am, mostly.

It’s also no secret that I absolutely LOVE the NoMU brand, and have most of their baking kits and pantry essentials at hand on any given day.

So, here it is. The lazy person’s funfetti cake.

1 box of NoMU white chocolate cake mix
Roughly 1 cup of colourful vermicelli (I used the staffords one)

Follow the instructions on the box (it involves 3 eggs, some milk, and butter or oil), add the vermicelli at the end, and bake as per instructions.

It’s delicious, and super easy. Ideal for people who don’t want to spend hours baking. Hey, you can even rope in some tiny humans to help. It is THAT easy.

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