Life lately: Manic.

I just realised that it’s been a few months since I’ve actually done a life lately type post. I also realised that the last time I actually knew what month it was, was in April.

Welcome back me. So, I’ve hit pause for a little bit, and I’m catching up.

Right, so, the blur known as June / July / and half of August can be summed up in one word: manic. Yes, I know ‘being busy’ is the new ‘it-condition’, but hells bells, I’ve been busy.

Not manic in a bad way though, but enough to not realise what day of the week it is most days.

Let’s see, I’m still keeping up with gym. I still see a personal trainer once a week. I’ve even started noticing muscles. This is all new territory for me. I am struggling to get to gym three times a week though. I’m not going to lie. By Thursday I’m about as energetic, as, well, a brick. But, the good news is that I’m even jogging now, a feat I’d never think was possible. AND I can touch my toes. High five to me.

I’m eating mostly healthier. It does take effort. The not caving in to┬áthe awesome that is cheesy, carby goodness. But, I’m trying, and mostly succeeding. So, onwards and upwards. It’s almost salad season again, so that should shake things up a bit.

I cut my hair into a lob. Long bob. (Lobbed it off. Haha.) Anyways, about two weeks ago, I decided that it was time to stop putting my hair in top buns. So I got it chopped. Liberating. I also said goodbye to my pink hair, and now I’m back to more normal(ish).

Even though I’m still head over heels with food, I’m not experimenting with food as much. Somehow I’m still stuck in a cooking slump of sorts. I seem to not want to experiment, or really do new things. Even the latest Masterchef Aus didn’t do much to inspire me. We’re stuck in the “same old usual” food routine. It needs to end.

I’m knitting. Yes. Make all the jokes about my knitting. It’s fine. Ever since going to a knitting themed birthday party in March, I’vestartedd knitting. Decided on a biggish project for a Christmas gift (like, who starts small, no really?) and I’ve been practising making scarves. And, even if I say so myself, I’m getting better.

That’s about it. Life continues, and before I wipe my eyes out, we’re another three months down the line. 2017 is a rollercoaster, it seems. And I’m still clinging on!

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