Life lately: Topsy-turvy

Wow, HOW in this life is it March already? Not even mentioning it’s MID-March. Flip. This year has flown past so fast, I may get whiplash. Mind you, I may have it already.

Right, so I’m still working on finding that balance. Some days are better than others, but life also likes throwing curveballs. It’s like playing a good old game of dodgeball. Except, I have zero, absolutely ZERO ball skills.

Guess who is a little bit bruised…

Bruised but not broken, that much I can tell you.

Gym is still going – I’m actually contemplating upping my personal training sessions to twice a week, just to be motivated to go more often. I’m getting used to always be in some kind of pain / stiff from exercise, and I think the results are becoming visible.

Problem is, I still LOVE my food. Portion control, in general, is a problem. I feel bad for the extra slices of pizza that get left behind in the box and end up eating them, without fail. I know I should rather not gobble the whole thing, but if it’s delicious, topped with melted cheese, I have a hard time saying no.

Which brings me to my lack of cooking mojo. It’s still mostly missing. Sigh. Double-sigh.

Even browsing awesome cookbooks aren’t helping. I really need to find my mojo again. I want to get back to making awesomely delicious things, and then eating them.

Other than that, I am trucking ahead – work, life, adulting. Taking things a day at a time.

Let’s hope this year just slows down a little so them dodgeballs come slower.

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