linguine, chorizo and calamari in a tomato sauce.

It’s no secret that chorizo and seafood work well together… so last night, I had some calamari, and chorizo, and I made some pasta with it… Turns out The Husband really liked it, so I’m going to try and pen down what went in there…

The linguine was from a packet, obviously. Because who has time to make fresh pasta on a whim when you’re hungry enough to chomp on your kitchen counter…

Here’s what went into the topping (all while the pasta was busy cooking, it’s that fast):

Chorizo sausage (I used one of those packets from Woolies, but I’d rate it’s about half a sausage, cut into smallish chunks)
Calamari (again, from woolies, but plain ole’ calamari rings, about 500g)
One tin of chopped and peeled tomatoes
Garlic (I used quite a lot, but a teaspoon will do)
Chilli (chopped chilli, fresh, I used about a teaspoon of some I pickled a while back)
1/2 cup of cream

Heat up your pan, and gently start frying off the garlic, chilli and chorizo. It shouldn’t start browning, but develop flavour. Then add the tomatoes, and up the heat a bit. When everything looks all saucy-like, add the cream, let it heat through and add the calamari. let that slowly cook through the heat of the sauce. Season with salt and pepper.

I added a good splash of chardonnay for fun, and some chopped coriander for greenery.
I suppose parsley will work as well.

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