A new year, a new… nope.

Oh hey, 2017! Everyone is all shiny and happy and making resolutions and stuff. And here I am. Not feeling any of that, because it just doesn’t feel like the new year yet, for me anyways.

I’m not making any resolutions, but there might be a string of loose promises to myself I might try to keep (Mostly because I have failed to stick to ANY kind of resolution I have attempted to make, ever.)

Bye 2016! (read: bye, Felicia!)

As with most people, 2016 wasn’t the kindest of years as far as those go (look, judging from the blog posts, the articles, the news, the deaths and all round grump factor it wasn’t kind to many). Apart from 2014, which was the year my dad passed away. So, this one can only be better, right? (Previous experiences say yes and no. They did giggle and walk away). And this is probably why I am not overly optimistic. But today, I stumbled upon this little gem on Pinterest (follow me here):

(original image here)

So okay previous years I have not enjoyed as much. I might be a little bent, broken and dented. I have a warped sense of humour. I am snarky. The sarcasm flows through me like the river Nile in rainy season (wait, is there a rainy season in Egypt?). But maybe, just maybe, I can shine this year. Let’s see what this little glowstick has left.

If not, I can always just poke someone in the eye. Being a glowstick and all.

(Yes, I know it’s all about adjusting the attitude as well; having motivation, discipline and fading out the negative. Focusing on the positive. I’m working on that. Slowly. Haven’t ever really been a ray of sunshine, don’t think that will change. But, work in progress and all.)

P.S. Watch this space. More news coming that I cannot share. Yet.

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