On a cycling update…

So, I have had my bike for just over a month now. And so far I haven’t broken anything, or had any serious injuries pertaining to the bike (the oil burns on my hand from last night is another case altogether). So far so good, right?

Last night I even dreamed I entered a cycling race…

Look, there were caravans and play-doh. So I can’t really trust this dream of mine, but I’m tickled curious to enter a race or two… the first is the Girls on the Go MTB challenge in August, and the other is the Hollard JUMA… They will probably break me, mentally and physically, but I’m thinking I should try… hell, it would be more that I attempted in terms of fitness in the last 10 years. It will give me something to work towards, and I might even feel a sense of achievement if I dare finish it, and not get carried off on a stretcher of sorts.

I’m also finding myself drooling over cycling gear, and reading articles on training, excercising and nutrition. Apparently yoga is really good for MTB training… interesting to note. And OMG all the Specialized cycling gear… so pretty!

A year ago, I’d have laughed in your face if you told me this is where I would be at in 2015. Things change, clearly. And I think it’s high time I kick my butt into gear to get fitter and healthier, seeing as I’m past the 30 mark now, and I need to DO something.

No jokes, I still feel like I’m dying on every uphill. My legs burn, my hamstrings feel like snapping. My heart feels like it will burst from beating too fast, and I cannot breathe, but I think I’ll get somewhat better at this, right? Once I get fitter? Will that actually happen? (Judging by past experience, this is highly debatable. Even doing sport at school didn’t make me feel less like dying when I ran, for example).

We have to ride more though – once a week isn’t really ideal… especially if I go through with this crazy plan to enter a race, or 2. The problem is really just time. During the week, we get home too late, and there is absolutely NO way I’m getting up at half past insane in winter to go cycling. For now, weekends will have to do.

Either way, I’m enjoying it, and hoping I can continue to do so. Best I can do is revel in my insanity, and go for it. It can only be beneficial, or completely break me…

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