On a December catch-up…


Oh, hey December. You just snuck up on us here!

(okay, not really, we knew you were coming, but honestly, November was such a non-month… honestly.)

Let’s do luncheon?

It’s year-end, and most Fridays are filled up with parties, lunches, etc. People are trying to tie up loose ends, get those last projects signed off, and go on holiday. I must honestly say that the year-end-iritis is strong with everyone I encounter.

Currently, I’m just hoping that traffic eases up a bit… but from what I’ve been observing, not a lot of people are actually going away over December. So I don’t know if getting into Sandton will be getting easier. Dammit. A girl can keep wishing.

We’re staying in Johannesburg for Christmas.

We’re making our Christmas plans with family. Mostly just chilled days spent with those nearest and dearest, soaking up the summer sun and weather. I’m looking forward to those, even though I haven’t bought a single Christmas present.

So guess who will be that crazy person battling through queues that week before Christmas? Yup.

All. The. Clutter.

I also want to start decluttering the house. I think since we’ve moved in, we haven’t repacked cupboards or anything, and there are quite a few items that we can donate or throw out, which we haven’t used since moving in. So that’s my mission for break-time.

I want to re-pack each room after giving it a proper clean, and remove items from our lives that we no longer use, or haven’t used at all. I feel the need to live slightly more minimalistic.

(Realistically, I will see how that pans out.)

2017 is almost here.

In the interim, I’m looking forward to 2017 and what it may bring. New year, new challenges, and I think, a new outlook on life is needed.

I have been reading articles on Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s new venture. So many of the articles and journals just hit home for me. So I’m trying to take the sage advice they are offering to heart. Have a read. Maybe you’ll find something in there for you.

So yes, I’m working on a list of shit I need to achieve in 2017. It will be up in the house, where I can see it daily, and so, I can hopefully get my ass into gear, get skinny, fitter, and be more balanced.

(The cynic inside me is having a fat chuckle as I type this. She’s willing to bet on this…)

Either way, I’m hoping to just enjoy the rest of December, spend time with loved ones, and recharge the soul.

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