On a February catch-up…

While we’re still trying to work our way through the soggy last bit of February, here’s a bit of a catch-up.

Joburg is soggy. And oh so lush. And full of potholes.

I think Johannesburg relocated to Mordor without the residents knowing. Misty, wet, soggy mornings, afternoons and evenings. The neverending rain… it’s good for the Vaaldam though, but hells bells. Potholes that could swallow a car have also made their appearance… Isn’t February supposed to be the hottest month for us? Can we now have a sunny March, please? On a side note, my garden is super lush and green and fabulous.

New job, yes?

Well, so far so good folks. I think I’m settling in well, and everyone I run into tells me how much more relaxed I look. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night with heart palpitations anymore. I have no need for calming tablets. I don’t feel like constantly snapping at people. I feel like a nicer person even. And I’m, dare I say, healthier?! (no weird infections/diseases since January).

I can’t believe I’ve been here almost a month already. Time really flies. And I’m far happier.

I’m exercising. Yes, you read right.

Yes, I got off my butt and started going to gym. Shock. Horror. I signed up for personal training. And I go to gym three times a week. (Wait, now that might explain the rain…)¬†And I’m even starting to not hate it. I don’t know who this person doing the typing is, but she’s the one who had to go buy more gym clothes this weekend because she didn’t have enough for the amount of exercise she’s up to…

The “I was built for comfort, not for speed” saying might just not be applicable anymore (soon), but I still like a good Netflix binge. New favourites? Santa Clarita diet. All the new Mind of a Chef. Anthony Bourdain’s Cook’s Travels. Flip… so much to watch!

We’re also getting fibre!

Finally, ¬†fast internet is only a small time away! Our neighbourhood is now also one of the chosen ones! They’re installing the access points and stuff and we’re hoping to be online by end-March. Cannot wait!

And that’s it, a quick, brief catch-up. February in a nutshell.


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