On a January catch-up…

Love this nose to bits.

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One week to go before I move on to new things. I can’t believe how January has felt both like the shortest and longest month at the same time!


Either way, I am starting to count down the sleeps. Because I am excited (and surprisingly zen) about the new venture. I am ready for a new challenge, and I am pretty aware that there is probably a steep learning curve waiting for me.

But it’s okay. (I’m sure I’ll cope in some way, shape or form.)

In other news, my dearest, loveliest, smelly, hairy furkids turned three this past weekend.
I can’t believe that it has been three years already… We love these two Scots to bits! Their quirks, their chilled nature (except when there are kids, bikes, kids on bikes, cats, hadedas…) and just their presence in our lives.

Ellie is, however struggling with an ear infection (again!). Took her to the V-E-T yesterday. Man, the struggle was real. Two stubborn Scots on leashes not wanting to go into the consultation room. Followed by the severe Scot cold shoulder post-visit.

Apparently, Scotties have very sensitive skins and are prone to allergies. Looks like the Ellie-bear is really suffering – in December, she was on three weeks of cortisone to clear up a skin condition as well. We have now switched their food, and we’re hoping that it does make a difference. Else we’re back to the drawing board.

We’re also all birthday’ed out in this house.

Hubby’s birthday, my birthday, furkids’ birthday. Friends’ birthdays. January is a busy month. I’m really hoping February will be a bit calmer.

Oh, yes, the G-Y-M (I type it like that because I share a similar feeling to that place as the dogs have for the dogtor… The dislike is real, and if I had a leash to try and reverse out of… well…).

We re-joined the G-Y-M again this year. With the high hopes of actually using the benefit and slimming down. So far so good (look, I can’t actually see or feel a difference at this present moment in time) – attending three times a week and sticking at it for about an hour at a time.

Doing what I can, because, face it, my fitness level is akin to that of the slothiest sloth out there. Or worse… But come February, I will have a personal trainer. Mostly just to whip this ass into shape, and knock the unhealthy options out of my hands… I’ll see how that goes.

That’s January… here’s to new adventures…

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