On a July catch up…

It’s already halfway through July. I’m honestly not sure how time is flying by so quickly… Regardlessly, I’m finding that I am still continually learning. Work, life, cooking. So much to learn and take in. And I’m enjoying it.

I do find that i’m getting panic attacks though. Not huge ones, but just waking up in a cold sweat. Or being awake between 2 and 4 each morning. Then finding myself struggling to get out of bed. It’s a vicious circle really. And I’m not sure how to remedy this, or fix it. Interesting dilemma to have. I’m hoping that soon, all will be back to normal.

To add to all of this, I was in a minor accident this morning. A lady bumped into the back of my car. No major damage. But the shock was not great. Started off with the shakes. Then the tears. Followed by the headache and nausea. Add this to the panic attack I had at 5am, and this turned out to be a not so great day.

Currently sausaged into a blanket, high as a kite on alzam. I’m guessing things could be worse, right?

On another note, there’s 10 weeks until we’re opening a new store. This might explain the panic attacks… come to think of it. I’m now also the lucky owner of a hard hat and safety boots. Because safety gear needs to be worn at all times when on site.

The RBF is strong. On a construction site. Thanks for the pic @mattrautie

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Trying to find the flicker of light at the end of this tunnel. So far it might just be a flashlight with very flat batteries. For now, I’ll just get back under my blanket.


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