On a May catch-up…

Hey, hey it’s the end of May! We’re almost halfway through 2017. How time is flying! I find that the older we get, the more time flies… not enough days in the week, not enough hours in a day, yet we make it work and plough through life. Barrel through sometimes, and on other days, we just put our hair up in buns and deal.

But that’s just it, we deal. We make a plan or plans. We survive. And between that, we live.

A wise friend once told me, “you have to work to live, not live to work”. And I think a lot of us is struggling with doing just that. I find that I get so engrossed in what I do, that I just want to see a good end product, no matter how long it takes. Once the inspiration hits, and once I figure out how something works, I can’t just let it go.

What a different mindset than a year ago!

Here’s the long and short of what happened in May:

We’ve been homeowners for three years.
I only know that, because our estate agent sent us a mail congratulating us. Wow, time flies. Even though we officially only moved in during the August, we signed all the paperwork and kicked off the buying process in May.

(Flip… still can’t believe it’s been 3 years. I need a moment to gather myself here.)

We had the third anniversary of my dad’s passing.
This one hurt. A lot. A physical ache, in that hole my dad used to occupy in my heart. I’m hoping it will get better with time, even though it will probably never go away. But, we learn to deal. And we learn to live again.

We went to the beach.
Hubby’s parents moved to the south coast earlier this year. So we used the long weekend at the end of April to go and visit. We also took the doggles to go and experience the beach! It was a great experience, and it was great to just get away for a few days and actually switch off.

This was also the real first ‘holiday’ we had since our Honeymoon.

And I got sick.
Damn these winter lurgies. I got a viral infection at the end of April, and decided to mostly self-medicate, and didn’t rest. I somehow recovered (I thought), BUT when hubby got sick last week, I also got sick, and ended up with laryngitis. This is what happens if you decide to just barrel through an illness .

So, lessons learned. And May wasn’t a ridiculously bad month overall. Onwards and upwards. Let’s see what June holds for us.

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