On a week in review…

Wow, tiresome week. So much emotion going around in the family, and not everyone coping really. At least I had tons of puppy cuddles and wine to pull me through… the lovely team at work also sent me the biggest bunch of flowers known to exist, to bring me some cheer. And it did cheer me up.

To add to the week, I received a lovely Lindt bunny from TsogoSun, and the puppies got a Husky hamper from the lovely folks managing the social media account. They totally love the sachets over their dinner by the way… and I love that people go through the trouble of doing this kind of thing… it’s amazing.

We also had birthday drinks on Friday at the OCD Venue in Rivonia. Loved the apple pie cocktail. Hated the mojito. The Margarita wasn’t awesome either, so I’m told. Yummy nachos and jalapeno poppers 😉 awesome company and it was good to get out of the house.

All in all, small things helped make the week tons better. And, again, sometimes all you need to do is step back and get some perspective. Seems to be the theme for 2014 so far…

Let’s hope the next week has more cheerful moments.

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