On an April catch up…

April has been a tough month. I’m not going to lie.

Between seeing old Facebook memories of my dad’s illness popping up, and just a load of other things happening, it’s been less than ideal. It’s like I seem to have lost my mojo… just a little bit. I’m keeping this short and bittersweet.

  1. It still hurts to think back about my dad’s illness
    The memories popping up aren’t helping. It stings, I’m not going to lie.
  2. Damn, the puppies are big
    The puppy pictures are also popping up, it melts my heart to see the videos and photos of my babies.
  3. I’m struggling to keep up with my gym activities
    Previously, I could keep going for the hour of personal training. ┬áBut hell, the last few weeks I’ve been struggling to keep up. At about 40mins in, some wall of tired hits and I cannot continue. It sucks. It’s also not helping that I am not seeing any real progress on the scale. It’s rather depressing.
  4. I’m some sort of perma-tired pigeon
    I wake up tried, somehow, after a decent night of sleep. It’s weird. I’m taking my vitamins… but alas. Damn you tired feeling. And I don’t know how to fix this… A mindset thing? Blegh. This perma-tired pigeon needs energy!

Here’s to hoping that May turns out better. And that I get my mojo back. Because heaven knows… this feeling of meh needs to end.

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