On an August catch-up…



Yoh. August. You sly, mean, yet beautiful thing. This month started with a bang. And it pretty much ended with one too. It’s been a busy month, and I am pretty sure this is how the rest of this year will go.

I did do one thing this month that I was trying to get at in this post. I cooked for 30 people, last week Friday. A friend helped me make the place look pretty. And I hosted a successful function. So rewarding, yet so tiring. And hard to gauge if this is the norm, or not. But, hell, I did it. I did something on my adulting list!

I have been pretty much functioning on adrenaline, and never before, have I been so much in need of switching off, yet being unable to. My brain is constantly going at full speed. It messes with my sleep, my health and my ability to just normally exist.

Whereas previously I’d basically fall asleep during a facial or massage, I now have a brain racing at full speed. Wondering, calculating. Thinking!

I am constantly nauseous. I am struggling to get a good night’s sleep. My appetite has gone to hell. And that’s just the stuff that came to mind in the last few seconds here.

A few years back, I was able to get home, switch off and just chill. This is not the case anymore. And I need to find that balance back. Here’s to working to get it back… and hopefully just finding some chill.

Maybe I should try yoga or meditation to clear the mind and focus on me.

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