On an island getaway…

Heaven knows, after a wedding, you really just need to kick back and relax. So, we decided to go to Mauritius for our honeymoon, and we enjoyed it. So much, that I just want to head back at the soonest chance for another break!

We stayed on the northern beaches of Mauritius, not really swimming beaches, due to a lot of coral, but oh so scenic. And besides, there were cocktails!

Prepare yourself for a flood of photos…

The view from the room…

Sausages or legs?

Cocktails on he beach! We did try basically ALL the rum cocktails. So delicious.DSCN0401 copy

A little jetty-type structureDSCN0399 copy

The resort from afar… yes, I was on a boat!DSCN0404 copy

We went on a day tour to the South, and learned about the religion and culture of the islanders.

We visited a tea farm…DSCN0002_2 copy

From loose leaf tea, to the more refined tea we get in the bags we knowDSCN0460 copy

A visit to the tea museum at the plantation…DSCN0472 copy

Tea tasting… the most delicious vanilla, coconut and black teas.DSCN0490 copy

A vanilla plant – who knew it takes about 9 months from flower, to pod?! Then another few months before its actually dried, and then sold… AND that vanilla is an orchid?DSCN0505 copy

Wildlife at the vanilla farmDSCN0511 copy

So THIS is where chocolate comes from? The cocoa plant in real life
DSCN0517 copy

Feeding giant turtles at the crocodile farm…DSCN0550 copy DSCN0551 copy


And lastly our HUGE room, this is only half that’s visible, excluding the HUGE closets and bathroom…     

Hope to see you again soon, Mauritius. The service was friendly, the massages were awesome. And there was a bar, IN THE POOL. The weather was great, the cocktails were delicious, albeit a bit random, and the food was yum. I miss you!

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