On August…

Disclaimer: This borders on a rant. Or a vent. If you dislike ranting/venting, don’t continue reading, for now.

August has been quite the rollercoaster ride. And I, for one, cannot be more glad that it’s (almost) over, and I’m hoping September brings some great times. Touch wood.

August kicked off with me getting Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Again. It seems like I get it at least every month or second month, and I don’t know how to prevent it really. A healthy (haha, right) dose of penicillin usually kills whatever is bugging me, but it returns. All high and mighty, and the process repeats itself. Often.

While I was sick, I miss-stepped a step, and damaged some ligaments in my foot in the process of doing that. Some x-rays and a sonar later, luckily nothing was broken, except that 4 weeks later, I am still sitting with a bruised, swollen foot. Yay me?

I also had to have a procedure on my little toe, of that same foot. Not long after the ligament incident. Which had me walking in slippers or flip flops during one of the coldest weeks this year. Yes the one that it snowed in.

Bring on the 26th, and a person drives into my new car in a parking lot, and doesn’t even have the decency to leave a note. Bummed. Luckily I found someone to fix the scuffing for me, at my house. So no insurance claims needed. I did however wish that the person who did this stepped on Lego blocks for an eternity. I can imagine nothing more tedious and painful.

Bring on this week. On Tuesday my brand new flash drive decides to corrupt with all my work for the day on it (just after I saved it, and deleted the backup). Luckily the friendly folks where I bought it, exchanged it for me, no hassles. I’ve been playing catch up since then though.

On top of all of this, I am basically home alone for 7 weeks, due to the fiancĂ© working out of the country. It’s creepy how fast one learns to not live alone any more. I don’t think I will ever get used to this again. It’s quiet, and cooking for one sucks. A lot. I find myself living for weekends. But I’m guessing it’s not all for the wrong reasons…

Cue breakdown? Not yet. Weeds don’t die that easily. And luckily I have friends who motivate me and inspire me each day. Thanks to them I might just survive without any more (serious) accidents/incidents.

Thank you for your collaborative efforts, karma and August. I didn’t appreciate it. Let’s hope your pretty sister, September brings the good vibes with her.

2 thoughts on “On August…

  1. Bo

    7 weeks! My hubby was away for 4 and it was bad. September is definitely going to be better for you! I’m sure!


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