On becoming four…

Okay, five. Four and a half. Thereabouts. That’s if you include the yellow royalness.

About a month ago, we added two little balls of fluff to our family. The agreement had always been that we would get puppies after getting married, because we are both dog people, and we grew up with dogs in our families.

I started looking out for breeds, and breeders to determine which puppies we would get – seeing as we wanted a brother and sister from the same litter. I have always liked Scottish terriers; even though they are temperamental sometimes, they’re actually really great take-anywhere dogs. They are dedicated to their families, and very good watchdogs in compact form.

So, Scotties it was. We found a breeder in North-West that could provide us with a brother and sister, and we had about a week to prepare to go fetch our pups. We have had them since the 8th of March, and it’s been awesome adding them to our family.

Even with the initial pajama drills, housebreaking, bouts of gastro, losing my iPhone charger, our phone cable (x2) and being full of chew marks. It’s great to know you’ll be going home to happiness, puppy cuddles and playtime.

We want to take them to puppy training (yes, we have to really take them soon), to just socialise with others, and learn some basics. I personally struggle to be strict with them, and I know I need to lay that groundwork… sigh.

Yesterday, they were 10 weeks old. And they have grown a great deal since we got them. We don’t always notice, but if you look back at the pictures, it’s very noticeable…

This was just as we got them… http://www.instagram.com/p/mUKRlsTPw6

One week after… http://www.instagram.com/p/lwAOi6TP2e

A week after that… http://www.instagram.com/p/l-J_7eTP6p

And most recently… (seems they also turned into zombie dogs in the interim…) http://www.instagram.com/p/mTAgjxzP9y

2 thoughts on “On becoming four…

  1. Nicky C

    Apply strictness or forever have no say in what you want them to do, not to do 😉 Enjoy the life in your life!


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