On being a B…

I read this post on Living Lionheart. And it sang a whole lot of truth to me.

I am a B (or sometimes C student). Okay? Yes, I admit it. At school, I could never be bothered to be Top 10, or deal with the immense amount of bull they were faced with. And my parents were okay with that.

Some subjects I did better at, of course. And some I loathed so much, that I might not have passed them after all. And that’s okay. Because not everyone is supposed to be able to find X, okay?

I’m ok with being in the middle. I’m okay with making others look good. I’m the background person. The one who silently makes things happen. The one who makes magic, and doesn’t make a fuss about it. I just shrug and walk away.

What does, however, grind my tits is when people treat me like the A student. I’m used to being in the shadows. In the dark. Just making things happen. When one of the higher ups come to me, I’m like a deer in headlights, and my first instinct is to flee as far away as possible.

Why, you may ask. And it is easy. I’m a person who is okay with a heartfelt thank you and reward. I don’t need fancy titles or promotions. I don’t need people patting me on my back constantly. All I need is a thank you, and when increase time arrives, that will show me how I have performed. I do, however, want people to tell me if I am screwing up in time, so I can fix it.

Get it? I’m a fixer, I’m a doer. I’m a getting things done person.

And all it took was one blog post to make me realise that…

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