On being a dog-mom…

It’s been just over three years of being a Dog-mom. A Scottie Mom, if you’d like. These little critters have won me over, twisted my rubber extremities and have crawled so deep into my heart that I cannot imagine life without them… They also eat better than me, live in extreme creature comforts and, well, own the house.

They also eat better than me, live in extreme creature comforts and, well, own the house.

This coming from a person, who, 10 years ago didn’t want any dogs… right. Here are a few things I’d never thought I’d say or do for pets… (haha, never say never and all that. You softie.)

  1. My dogs roam the house with no limitations.
    I.e. “What personal space?”There is no place they cannot go or haven’t been. They’ve sniffed every square inch of the property. Hell, we’ve even planted trees in the garden so they can have shade.I seldom bath or pee in peace. I watch series with them close to me. If I look up from a book, I’m being watched closely. If I cook, they’re present. They have a bed at the foot-end of ours, with more blankets and comforts than we have. They own the couches. And the patio. And if I could have my way, they’d share the bed with us every night. (Summer heat and two 15kg dogs don’t gel that well…)
  2. My dogs eat better than us hoomans.
    Very true. Very, very true. Upon waking from their slumber, they each get a biscuit. They have kibble, especially for those sensitive skins they have. And at night, they get soft food (in a variety of flavours), mixed with coconut oil, followed by dessert (dentastix to ward against the dragon breath).Their water is mixed with more breath goodies and some probiotics. Get the picture?
  3. My dogs enjoy regular spa treatments.
    Scotties have the ever-growing hairs. But it tangles. It keeps growing. Flip. So, groomers get summoned every 6 weeks or so to come and bath and cut the royalty. We bathe them in between after a chase through the house. They also get a good brushing every few days from the knots that may form…
  4. My dogs have their own insurance.
    Recently, I did some shopping around for pet insurance. I didn’t even know we had that many options… But I settled on a product that should cover them well enough for emergencies (chasing cats and hadedas are hard work, okay) as well as day-to-day visits and procedures.I’ll rate it when I get to use it, but for now, I’d rather have something in place for “in-case”.
  5. My dogs are truly special.
    Every. Dog. Owner. Says. This.But. Scotties and their Scottitude are amazing. I get the Scottie side-eye when the hooman is being too needy. The cold shoulder after a brush. They know when I feel ill and will cuddle me to half-death. Else they are just on their own mission.I get kisses on my nose. (Sometimes Barley sneaks in a french kiss…). And dearest Ellie with all her special quirks… cuddling with her bum in my face, falling over when the tickles are too awesome, the countless Aroooos when they’re excited…Cute buggers. And I won’t trade being a dog-mom for anything.

*Photo from pixabay. Those are not my scots.



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