On Betsy…

So, since the last post, mostly about Betsy… I can now say I have a Betsy in my life. How awesome?!

On Friday, we walked into Boardmans, to get the toaster and kettle I have also been lusting after, and walked out with Betsy instead. It was tough to choose between two wants, but I think this was a wise choice. After all, she was offered at 20% off. And you can’t say no to that…

Betsy is no colourful KitchenAid, but she’s the Kenwood Titanium Chef, and she’s toally sexy. 1400W of mixing power… makes me drool slightly.

Taking Betsy for a spin this afternoon.

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Yesterday, after my cooking class, I took her for a spin in the kitchen, and she works like a dream. I baked the cake from lesson 1 in the Yuppiechef Art of Baking course, and it came out totally yum! (even if I have to say so myself)

I foresee many happies in the kitchen from now on… and hopefully a few attachments for Betsy.

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