On buying a bike…

In April, I wrote about watching triathletes.

The whole experience inspired me somewhat (okay, a lot – I felt like an excuse of a human) – enough to buy my very own bike! Now, look, I haven’t been on a bike since Standard 4 (Grade 6 for the younglings). But last week Saturday, I rode 12km at Northern Farm, and really quite enjoyed it (except for the part where I thought I was having a heart attack due to being so bloody unfit!).

I survived at the end, didn’t fall, and didn’t break anything. And I’m roaring to go back and push myself on the uphills of death and doom! My bum didn’t like me much – even with one of those padded broeks on! (Seriously, why don’t they help?) Hopefully it will forgive me and start shrinking. A girl can hope, right?

Yesterday, I got a bike. Seems like 30 is the year of big steps. Thanks for the photo @taryn_kerr

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Anyways, I’m excited about this new venture – and I really think I can become a fit(ter) me on the bike. The bike is named Elekk – in honour of my “all terrain mount” on WoW. The Draenei specific class mount – an elephant of sorts. So here’s to many more adventures on Elekk!


A special note of thanks to all the lads at Complete Cyclist in Bryanston who hooked me up with the bike, and didn’t laugh directly at me when I struggled to a) get on the (stationary) bike, b) get off the (stationary) bike, c) didn’t know which was the front of the space cadet helmet, d) couldn’t figure out how the bike pump worked, e) WHAT gears?! and f) answering every single dumb question I asked without bursting out laughing.

Also thanks to hubby for supporting my insanity, and motivating me, and Taryn for not being a drill sergeant on my first day out, AND waiting for me!

Here’s to a little bit of insanity in my 30’s. Let’s hope I can get moving and keep moving!

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