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In between the crazy year-end things happening, life also happens. And thanks to a series of events (from August), I’m over bad news.

My dad got diagnosed with melanoma, the bad kind, in September. And they determined that he has to go for reconstructive surgery; basically reconstructing his whole cheek from his leg. Scary thought.

(There’s a long story preceding this, which involves me wanting to drive over the specialist that never sent him for second opinions. There’s a lot of anger looming.)

Just as we made peace with this (sort of), the reconstructive surgeon sent him for routine tests to see if he’d be okay for an 8 hour operation. Basic things. Lung function, EKGs, those kind of things.

But a spanner in the works led him to have triple bypass surgery a day after the tests were done. They found irregularities during an angiogram that needed urgent attention. What started out as double bypass surgery, ended up as triple bypass surgery.

Luckily for my dad, he’s fit and healthy for his age; has never smoked in his life, doesn’t really drink, and walks 5km + a day. So this is helping him to recover far quicker than some other folks who were in the same ICU as him.

Now he’s recovering from heart surgery, whilst awaiting an available date for the cancer surgery. Which must happen before the cancer spreads, seeing as it’s really, really aggressive.

He’s being a model patient though, following the diet, doing his exercise and keeping to the doctor’s orders. Such a trooper.

And in between all of this he turned 70. Last week.

What a milestone. And I’m really thankful we could celebrate this day with him, at home. He’s probably the best dad in existence, and he has taught us so much.

I am so lucky to still have a dad in my life. And I’m hoping that these surgeries give him another chance, in order for him to have many more years with us. And many more birthdays. Many more holidays. Many more of everything.

Even if it’s almost a week late, happy birthday dad. I’m glad we could celebrate it with you.

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