On finding the balance…

Let’s just say that our lives got turned upside down from the 30th of March this year. My dad, who had been working up until then, collapsed as he got home, with stroke-like symptoms. He was rushed to hospital, where they did an MRI and noticed that the cancer has now spread to his brain, and there was a tumour that occupied more than a quarter of his brain. This, after there was NO sign of it by mid-February.

Right.So from then, my dad has been getting worse. He now has epilepsy fits because of the tumour. He has 24 hour nursing staff at home, where he now is on his deathbed. Only time can now tell what/when/where etc. We went from sick bed to death bed in 2 weeks.¬†At the rate the cancer is spreading, we don’t know how long we have left with my dad. But at least we get to say goodbye and make peace.

We have all been driving up and down to Mordor to provide support, to help out where we can and just to be with the parentals. All of us are trying to balance work/life with this. We’re all trying to find our balance again. To try and deal with everything, and pretend that everything is okay at work. To suddenly have to rush to Mordor when he’s taking a turn for the worse. We’re all stuck in limbo, a fine line to balance on to keep everything from just shattering apart with one wrong move.

Don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep it up, but for now, we have to be strong for our mom…

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