On food heaven… or what I’d imagine it to be like

On Saturday I had the chance to feast on four of Franschoek’s finest. Now, if you know me, and how much I love food and eating, and how much I really want to visit Franschoek (because if the food and wines there), you would know that I jumped at the chance to attend this. It promised some charcuterie, French cheeses, delicious wine and artisan coffee. Four of my favourite food groups.

So off to The Pudding Shop we went – a quaint little restaurant in Partktown North on the famous 7th avenue. Such a nice venue, light, open, green, a fireplace. It was great to just be there.

Right, back to the other food. They did state upfront that if you don’t like pork, cheese, or wine, you rather should not attend. Noted.

We started off with some Môreson Miss Molly Bubbly as a welcome drink, followed by the folks from Franschoek explaining their crafts to us. Our first course was a breakfasty type meal; poached egg on some cured pork and chips. And an iced coffee where we had to guess the four ingredients. Deeeelicious.

The four ingredients in the coffee? We got to coffee, milk, and vanilla. Nobody guessed the fourth ingredient correctly. (They later told us it was Parsnip milk).

We were then served a cheese course, with a raisin “chutney” of sorts – more raisins in a spicy syrup,served with Ratafia – a brandy based aperitif. I can’t remember the cheese name, but I do remember it looking like a carnation when cut. It looked amazing, and tasted that way too.

The cutter was a fascinating tool and we got to play with it for a bit. How cool is that?!

The pork course was interesting, as they had used the WHOLE animal in the dishes they presented… the tables groaned under the food they gave us. Platters of food, bowls of salads and side dishes. Everything from spare ribs to pork belly, to green salads, cauliflower salads, even pizza. They even served some gruyere ice cream…The food was paired with some of the Môreson premium Pinotage and Chardonnay (bottomless, of course).

The highlight of my day? The pizza. It had bacon purée instead of the normal tomato base, and the MOST delicious tomatoes I had ever eaten. Ever. They did explain that the purée took ten hours to make, but for that taste, I’d take ten hours to make it too. By far, the highlight. And I HAVE to know how they made the tomatoes, and the purée. Because I want it again.

We were then fed even more food, this time a cheese platter with selections of hard cheese, soft cheese, mouldy cheeses, cow’s milk cheeses, goat’s milk cheeses, cheese heaven. Paired with Môreson Mata Mata.

To end off the day, we had some premium coffee from Terbodore Coffee Roasters.It was served with some really decadent sweet goodies – from fudge to dark chocolate truffle shavings. A perfect ending.

Cheese is my kryponite, whether it’s soft and gooey or hard like parmesan, I love it. Paired with wine, I’m in my happiest of happy places. I think that this is what I would like heaven to be like. Food heaven. Tables with food, bottomless wine, good company…

It was a truly amazing experience, we basically rolled out of the restaurant, bellies full and smiles plastered on our faces. If given another chance, I would do it all over again!

These are the awesome folks that made this day so amazing:

Bread and Wine Restaurant, Terbodore Coffee Roasters, Fromages de France, Môreson Winery, and also Le Quartier Français

And I can’t wait to give them a visit when I do go there some day.


2 thoughts on “On food heaven… or what I’d imagine it to be like

  1. Robin and Melany Biden

    So glad you enjoyed our Franschhoek delights – they are all the very best!!!!
    Excellent write up as I am now truly so hungry and longing for my beloved Franschhoekers and their food. Thank you for an excellent blog!!! Kind regards. Melany Biden.


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