On getting back up again…

Not so long ago, I was writing about finding time. Time for life, time for balance, time for me. And barely two weeks later, I have fallen off that track so hard, I’m still regaining my footing. I winded myself, on the fall, and I am still regaining my breath.

Clearly this takes more than just a clear-minded decision to do something like this.

See, last week we went to Cape Town for a magnificent wedding, and I found myself unable to shut down… thoughts racing, inability to sleep. I resported to some Clicks Herbal Calm tablets to just get rid of the heart palpitations. This meant that I didn’t really just wind down and enjoy the celebrations…

So, now I’m back at consciously making the decision to take a few steps back, to two weeks ago, when I was feeling all zen, and take it from there. I don’t like stressed-out grumpy me. I don’t like the me who continuously stresses about everything. The me who cannot for the life of her just sit and shut down. Like, watch a mindless TV show. Or just read a book…

Like a wise friend once said, you need to work to live. Not live to work. And somehow, our society has become one of always telling people how busy one is. How much work you can keep piling on, and benchmarking importance on that. A good 15 years ago, this was definitely not the case for most people. And hell, I would like to be that person who has that balance going for them.

Here’s to trying, again.

P.S. My inner voice is laughing… saying “I told you so”. Crap.

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