On having a productive weekend…

This past weekend has probably been the most productive one I’ve had in months! Completely activity-laden, but I had a great time.

Friday evening we went to Melville to have something to eat at Catz Pyjamas – never been to Melville before, so this is all new to me. We indulged in potato skins, nachos, pizza and desserts. Yum.

Saturday kicked off with bed-hunting for the new house – neither of us own a bed bigger than a single one, so we have to get a bigger one for the new house. I’m glad to say we found one, after the 4th store. Easy enough. We only need to sort out the delivery and stuff for the day we move, and it’s set.

I also got to meet some great ladies at Gia’s on Montrose, and I finally got to taste some awesome cupcakes from The Cupcake Lady – they do taste awesome, and I can see myself getting addicted to them.

Saturday evening ended with dinner at Wang Thai, and I had their Duck with the secret honey sauce. Completely yummy! Especially with the egg fried rice. The rest of the table had the chocolate mousse duos for dessert… the white choc mousse is like pure condensed milk in mousse form. Completely yum, but so rich that no-one could finish it.

Today we continued the rest of the hunt for bedroom stuff – we got everything that goes onto a bed, next to a bed and stuff to keep warm in bed. Luckily I went scouting a week or two back to see what’s on offer, so I could just show the BF the options. We ended up going with shades of grey, black and purple for the bedroom. I think it will look awesome when done.

Apart from that, and move-related, everything but the change of address for my home content insurance is sorted. I have the Telkom line being moved, the moving company, etc. I only need to go and buy a few more boxes (the ants chewed through a few of my flat-packed ones – didn’t know ants eat through paper, but hey, something new every day, right?) and some of that uber-sticky box tape, and I’m set to pack, move and set up house elsewhere.

After this weekend, I am in need of a food detox (too much restaurant food), another weekend to recover from this one, and I need to really start packing!

We are moving on the 2nd of July, and at the rate this year has flown by, I’m not wasting any time!

Thank goodness for apps like Scatterbrain to help me keep on top of things! Thanks to ExMi for tweeting about it. What a lifesaver.




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