On holidays…

Recently we went on a well-deserved holiday. Neither of us had taken leave over December (by choice), so we could take some time off after the schools had started, and the coast had calmed down a bit…

We decided to go to (read: road trip down to) Durban – I have never been to the city itself, always just surrounds, like Umhlanga, or waaay down to the south (read: Margate/Shelly Beach). I also haven’t been to the coast in, say, 9 years. So it had been a while, and I really wanted to have an East Coast holiday.



We booked our hotel, and once everything was set, the excitement set in. 2011 had not been the kindest of years, and a breakaway was the best thing I could think of.

A week or 2 prior to the holiday, I was bummed – I looked at the 15 day forecasts for weather (wanting to plan what to pack), and everything pointed to rainy days, and we really wanted some beach time. Regardless, we packed, got in the car, and road tripped down to Durban, with a pit stop in Pietermaritzburg to drop off a package.

We stayed on the Durban North beach at the Sun Coast Hotel (which, thanks to some Vitality discount, I got at 50% less), and I was duly impressed. Friendly staff all round, a hearty breakfast each morning, and an awesome spa on the 9th floor (to which I paid 2 visits, I just could not resist)! The person who bakes their scones, deserves an award. Just as a side note. Oh, and the cappuccino. It was my daily treat.

Upon arrival, it was somewhat cloudy, but so hot (and humid), but at least not miserable, as that was what we expected. As a matter of fact, every day thereafter, we had the sunniest weather – blue skies, sparkling ocean, and a lovely view. We were extremely lucky to have weather like that! We spent most of our time either walking on the beach, going to the beach, relaxing next to the pool, or doing touristy stuff, like visit museums and uShaka (and work in a bit of shopping at Gateway…).



We stopped over in Pietermaritzburg again, on the way home, to see a bit of the Midlands Meander. We’ll definitely have to return there, as the few hours we spent there, did not the the experience any justice – there are just too many roads and shops to stop at. We’ll just keep it in mind for a long weekend 🙂

This little breakaway was just what we needed to recharge, and face the new year head-on. I started studying again, with evening classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, until June. This is quite an adjustment, but I am looking forward to sharpen up skills, and learn something new. A challenge is always good.




As far as new Year’s resolutions are going, they didn’t work out on holiday 😛 but the healthy eating is back on track, just need to up the exercise, and, well dress more smartly! Health-wise this year didn’t start so well, but I am hoping that it will soon also be a thing of the past!

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  1. alidaonline

    Ah the holiday sounds fantastic. You’ve reminded me how long its been since I took a break at the coast … I think I should make a plan.


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