On impromptu plans and being thrilled…

This weekend kicked off with an impromptu sushi dinner with the delightful Miss Ruby Letters whom I met at the #SomethingClubTeaParty on the 4th of June. It was great, and I hope we can do something like that again soon! Before I noticed it was almost 10pm, and time to head home… time flies when you’re having fun, right?

I have been meaning to write about this for quite some time… and today has been tagged as it! What is this? It’s ExMi’s amazing Body Thrills

Been using it for a good month or 3 now (I should really just get a stading debit order going to her every month…) and I have found everything I have tried to be absolutely delightful. From chocolate decadence to minty mojito goodness. I cannot decide on a specific favourite. However I have found a specific like in the Sugar & Spice Body Butter…

And I have also got a friend or 2 to try out her goodies too… I am totally in love with everything she makes!

In unrelated news, I’ll be all on my lonesome for about 7 weeks commencing today, as the BF got sent to Musina (I know, right!) for a new project. Of course he’ll be home on weekends… but still, it’s not the same.

This also means that the first few weeks I’ll be living in our new place all alone as well… *sulk*

It’s good for him career-wise, so I’m trying to keep my chin up and not be mopey and sour about it. And everything can’t have perfect timing, right?

I apologise in advance for lonely whines. It shall pass by beginning of August. Just FYI.

I suppose this gives me all the time I need to get packing and organised for the move. Currently, I am on 5 boxes of books, countless bruises, a few cuts and 99% of a house that must still be packed.

Feel free to point, and giggle. You will feel better after that.

5 thoughts on “On impromptu plans and being thrilled…

    1. wi3sa

      He grew up in the north… All I know is that it’s seperated from hell with chicken wire, and he won’t have winter at least 🙂

      Lol thanks. Need all the luck I can get… 😉


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