On kicking off the big search…

The hunt for a new place to stay has begun, and is in full swing. I have been searching and browsing and phoning around to seek the perfect starter home for us. Yes we’re taking our first big step and moving in together.

I never thought house hunting would be this stressful. Never in my life. Previous times
I only searched for a place for me… this time I am searching for us. And it terrifies me. There’s a myriad of what-if’s going through my head.

What if it’s not what he likes?
What if it’s too big?
What if it’s too small?
What if….?

I can’t help but feel that I’m over-analysing this… but I also cannot help but seek out perfection for us. To offer him this perfect suburban living space… to offer him perfection.

Back to reality, there’s this place that I really hope we can get. Situated in a very nice complex, not too far from where I am staying at present. It also so happens that my best friend and her fiance is staying there. So I know the complex and I know how it’s managed. Now just to get an appointment to view it, and give final word.

I’ll try not to be too pushy on this, even though I think it’s perfection, or very close to it. Even though I know how the rental thing works, and thinking too long might cost one the place one deems to be perfect…

Now to find some more options.

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