On looking after my dogs…

It’s no secret. My dogs are my everything, second to my husband, of course. They’re my kids, and I love their smelly asses, breath and furry paws to bits. So, as a caring, obsessed dog-mom, I decided that it was time to get them pet medical aid.

In February, I decided that it was time to look into pet insurance for the Scots. They’re still young, and healthy, but rather onboard them now, right? I looked at a myriad of options available…

Wow, it was confusing. There are many options, and trying to compare who offers what and covers what is hectic. But then I remembered reading about pet insurance on Tech Girl and scouted for that post.

So, I also decided on getting One Plan.

This decision was mainly because of the One Card – they pay out the claim before the vet visit, and that saves you money. Face it, vet visits are expensive, and I’d honestly rather be safe than sorry. I’d rather have that option available to me than not being able to pay for my darling doggles to get treatment.

The application process was easy, painless and didn’t take ages. One of the friendly consultants took me through all the ins and outs of the policy, and I signed up a few days later. Note: they only start policies from the first of each month. After another month, the One Card and two name tags (aww, sweet) arrived for me, and the policy was active.

I’ve only had one claim so far – a checkup for the two fluffballs, and it was super easy. I submitted a claim on the app, entered the amount, and within minutes the money was on the One Card. So easy!

I honestly wish people medical aid also worked like this. It would be awesome!

**This wasn’t sponsored, it’s merely my experience with One Plan.**


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