On making Sushi…

It’s no secret that I like cooking, and baking, and eating… so when I got invited to a Sushi-making event at the iStore (thanks GirlGuides!) I got the chance to combine 2 of my favourite things: food and Apple products.

It was a great event, where we divided into teams of two (one being the brain, and one being the hand), the brain had to go watch the demonstration, and after that you had to make some sushi! We got to make some maki, california rolls, hand rolls and than some! And did I mention there were iPad Minis up for grabs? The winning team each got an iPad mini to take home.

The purpose of the event was also to showcase some cooking apps for iDevices, and we got to use TeachMeSushi (R56.99 on iTunes) for helpful pointers.

And, well, I got to go home with an iPad mini, thanks to some sushi-making skills 🙂 and I think my teammate RubyLetters is also enjoying hers so far! Totally awesome end to a great afternoon at the iStore.



Of course we celebrated with cake afterwards at Walnut grove! Their velvet cakes are amazing, just a heads up. Best celebration, ever!

Thanks for the invite, and promise I’ll take care of the new addition to my Apple family at home!

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