On miracles…

Yesterday I received my very first Mac. A MacBook Pro, nogal.

I cannot begin to describe how happy this made me, or how thankful I am that The BF was willing to buy it (I have to pay him back, of course).

I never really planned to buy one of these (very awesome) machines. Being a PC user from a very young age (read: amber screens, DOS, floppy disks and shareware) – this switch has been a challenge for me. A good one nevertheless.

What urged me to buy a Mac of my own you ask?

A change in work dynamics. The fear of being desk-bound until stupid hours because of deadlines. And the fear of losing the flexibility that I currently have.

You see, things changed a lot recently, and so far, I am very “meh” about it. Yes, we are (finally) getting iMacs to design on at work, at the price of handing in our laptops. Where we had the privilege to work from home up to twice a week (work load permitting), we would now not be able to do that. Or work overtime if a project so demands it (or a client for that matter).

There would, of course, be 2 floating laptops to sign out if you so dare to work from home, but my logic told me that if person A has laptop at faraway land (yes this happens), and person B woks from home today, you want to work from home the next day, you have no way of obtaining laptop from person B, and would thus have to go into the office to fetch it, which defeats the purpose – this is a totally legit scenario. This would screw person C (me) over.

Also, I am a very deadline-driven person, even if it means working till 1am to finish something. Now without said laptop, I’d be the idiot sitting at the office till half past crazy, then having to drive home, alone. This scared the heebie-jeebies out of me.

This is when the decision was made to buy a MacBook of my own.

Not everyone has that kind of money lying around, and this is where the BF so kind-heartedly stepped in, and bought it. And knowing people who know people, I got a really nice deal on one, and could then get a bigger one than originally intended (15″ instead of 13″). Miracles do happen.

Now I am a very happy, very lucky girl, sitting with her very own MacBook, blogging. This is my first personal notebook-type computer. It has been a long-term wish of mine to own a laptop, and if I was that kind of girl, I would be jumping up and down, squealing.

But instead of doing that, I’ll just think of how incredibly lucky I am to have him in my life, every time I use this, and smile. <3

4 thoughts on “On miracles…

  1. alidaonline

    I would love a Mac anything. Being a Microsoft developer I don’t see that happening any time soon *le sigh*

    So glad you’re enjoying it.

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