On my first MTB race…

On Monday, I completed my first MTB race. It was a ladies only race at the Modderfontein park. My bestie and I entered the 10km race. For someone who has only been cycling since June, I thought this would be appropriate.

Note: this was a route of pure awesome and pure hell. Brimstone in the shape of uphills included.

We finished the race at 15th and 16th place, and roughly 1H07MINS. Not bad for a first try, right? Yes, I did walk some of the uphills. And yes, I swore like a sailor most of the way. And YES I know that wastes energy.

Completed our first race today… @nolenedp

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Hoping I didn’t shame Complete Cyclist too much 😛 but a really starting to enjoy cycling. Even though my butt hurts so bad… any advice on that?! (Yes, I have padded broeks). And I have noticed that I clutch my handles too tight. I need to work on that.

Either way, onto new journeys. I’m excited. And no, I won’t do the Cape Epic.

One thought on “On my first MTB race…

  1. David Greenway

    Firstly well done friend, it’s awesome achieving a goal like this.

    The hand clutchy thing will sort itself out as your legs, ass and core get stronger so that you can rely on them more for shock absorption rather than feeling like you’re hanging on for dear life.


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