On my “mini holiday”…

Okay, so, today was my first day back from ten whole days of no* work. A “mini holiday” if you’re so inclined. Of course I set out a list of things to do… and I ended up watching Netflix, cuddled puppies and cooked. Not that productive… but it is what I needed.

We did end up buying new desks for our study though and they look awesome! So much better than the super antique I have and still need to get rid of, as well as the husband’s old table (which his sister is now taking for her first home)! All matchy now, and some other improvements also planned to make it a geek haven**! (I really need to get rid of this desk though. Bonfire?)

I slept late, I lounged in pyjamas, I ate my body weight in easter eggs (o hai tight jeans), and cooked a yummy easter feast for the family. All in all, relaxing, I’d think.

Except not.

I woke up yesterday feeling like a train hit me. Hot flushes, cold flushes, blocked sinuses. I think my body has gone into shock… or something. I’m hoping I’m not sick, sick. I’ve had a good healthy spell since being on asthma meds in February. No sniffles, no sinus. Except now. Boo…

Let’s hope this passes soon. I really don’t want to be sick again.

Note: I wanted to post pics of my Easter creations, but WordPress won’t allow me. I’ll try again another time. SIGH.

*No work means sitting on the couch in my pyjamas, surrounded by puppies, while signing off things for work.

**Geek haven, also known as man-cave. Except I use it too. We have some cool collector’s editions and figurines we would like to display., and we currently do not have the space.


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