On not being high maintenance… and being oddly comfortable with it

I saw this post on Sharon’s blog this week, and immediately recognised some aspects of myself… I don’t think I am super high maintenance – not in all aspects of my life.

I mean, I’m currently sitting on the couch, under a blanket, in sweat pants, a jersey and a random scarf. Mainly because I am sick, but also because I really cannot be arsed.

So… 19 Things Only Women With A Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Understand

1. You have three hairstyles: down, ponytail, and bun.

Yup. Down on the day I washed it. Sometimes. Ponytails and buns, mostly, because I cannot be bothered to GHD or blow dry my hair daily. There is NO such thing as a low-maintenance hairstyle. Ever.

2. You have one pair of shoes that you wear with 95% of your wardrobe.

Correction. One style of shoes. Woolies pumps, in all the colours. They are comfy, and go with my day-to-day clothing.

3. Most of your outfits are just some combination of t-shirts and jeans.

Yes. They go with my pumps from woolies. All the colours. To dress up, I wear a blazer over my t-shirt. Or a cardigan. I team up with grey, black, navy and well, grey.

4. This makes getting ready massively easy. What are you going to wear? Throw on the first pair of jeans and t-shirt you can find. Put on aforementioned shoes. Boom. Done.

Basically, yes. Unless it is cold. In which case I wear a jersey, or boots. With my bun or ponytail. On occasion, I have been seen in a dress (read: my wedding).

5. Sundresses are also great because they look like you put more effort into getting ready, but you definitely didn’t.

I do own a few. Worn on one or two occasions. But it isn’t my go-to. No.

6. You have to be very clear with your hairstylist that you need a cut that’s easy to maintain, because you’re not about that life. Your idea of styling your hair is making sure the part is nice, and if you’re feeling fancy, throwing a clip or headband up there.

Yes. Even though there is no such thing like a hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Ever. Also, what headband?

7. You find make up a little terrifying. You understand the basics, and might even throw some on before leaving the apartment, but you once watched a YouTube clip about contouring and contemplated the existence of witchcraft.

I usually wear BB cream. But, decided that I basically need to do something about this face. So, I now do make-up. My friend, Candice is amazing with this, and I attended one of her workshops. I feel much more comfortable applying make up.

I do like painting my nails though…

8. Whenever you hear that you have to wear heels to an event, you get considerably less excited.

I do own heels. But tend to not wear them.

9. Then you get all dressed up, and get kind of excited! Heels aren’t so bad! Your legs look so much longer! You should wear them more often!

Err, no.

10. And then about half way through the event, you remember why you hate heels, and wish you could just 127 Hours your feet, and hack them off with a dull pocketknife. It would probably hurt less than wearing these shoes for another three hours.

Because this.

11. You envy that somehow men can get away with wearing Converse with a suit for certain occasions, because that’s the dream, honestly.

Still, pumps.

12. When your friends want to go out, your favorite thing to wear is a cool jacket over a t-shirt and your nicest-looking jeans.

That sounds about right. Add a scarf, and that’s it!

13. Your friends relish the days when you let them dress you up. It’s like Christmas, but with dresses! And heels! And eyeliner!


14. Every time you dress up, you get a semi-Cinderella moment from your friends. Wow! You look so different! Who knew you had such a defined waist under all those sweatshirts! You should wear that more often!

I get this when I wear dresses. Or chinos. Or anything that isn’t jeans or t-shirts

15. The back of your closet is where all of your “nice clothes” reside. You pull them out for weddings and funerals, and that’s about it.


16. When you first got a job/internship that required you to dress “business professional” you cried a little bit because honestly what could you wear.

I used to dress in black pants and button up shirts, but felt overdressed.

17. Then you figured out that you could rock “business professional” by mixing and matching a handful of items, and you’ve already mastered that technique.

Yeah. Possibly. But why? I mix jeans and t-shirts. And jackets. And scarves.

18. You own contacts, but will often just wear your glasses, because you don’t feel like exerting the effort.

I don’t have contacts. I do wear my glasses though. They go with my style.

19. Going to the gym at the end of the day is really just an excuse to wear your comfy gym clothes for hours leading up to it.

I don’t go to gym. I do cycle, however. But those aren’t clothes I hang out in because they are comfy.


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