On November… And then some

Wow. I cannot believe that it’s December already. Everyone getting into the Christmas spirit, counting down to holidays, making plans, and sharing in festivities.

November flew past so fast, most if it a blur, even though a few events stand out,

First, a confession. Before this year, I had never been to a live performance of any band or artist. I just never felt the need to go, until now.

November kicked off with the Linkin Park concert. Which was incredible. Absolutely incredible. And, even if I must say so myself, an awesome performance to be my first. The crowd was amazing, singing along to every song, cheering and going wild. A sea of people from where we sat…

There was also the Girl Geek Dinner, that I have made an effort to attend in 2012. Every dinner this year. The last one for 2012 was also on their first birthday, and I must say they went all out. Every dinner we attempted just got bigger and better. And I am hoping that it just continues to grow in the New Year. Cannot wait for the next one!

And then there was Lady Gaga. What a great show. And yes, I mean show in the sense of theatrics, performance. Almost like one would go to the JHB theatre for… I have always said that if she came to South Africa, I’d go to the concert. Which was also the first show that I bought tickets for. And I am very glad we did. The castle, was amazing. Almost like the ones one sees in fairy tales. The dancers, the continuity. I can’t fault them on anything. Except that I’m not a die hard Little Monster. So I’m not a fan of all the songs, but the show was enjoyable.

I have also discovered a new book series, in the teen fiction aisle (tsk) that might be most entertaining. Finishing three books in three days, I’m guessing I enjoy them 😉 It’s called the Mortal Instruments Series written by Cassandra Clare. Aimed at a much younger audience than me, but I nevertheless enjoyed the books, and will continue devouring the series. Which reminds me, I have to find books four and five! She also wrote a prequel trilogy to this series, which I will probably also read.

Light reading, perfect for this time of year. Giving my imagination the escape it so desperately needs.

The Christmas tree has also been out up (yes, before the 1st of December), and there’s already one gift waiting under the tree. I love wrapping the gifts, and seeing people’s faces when they open them. The joy, the happiness. That’s what makes gift giving great.

November may have whirled past, but I’m hoping December (at least from the 16th) lingers a bit longer. If only to have that holiday feeling for a bit longer, and to enjoy the first December leave I have put in, in almost 5 years.

Tomorrow we will be watching the new Bond movie. And even though I was more of a Pierce Brosnan fan, I have heard good things about Skyfall. Hoping it blows me away 😉

Do you have any holiday plans? Or will you be looking after Johannesburg after everyone’s left?

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