On playing catchup…

Blinking cursors and words that refuse to leave my mind. My mind is like a browser with
2 000 (give or take) windows open at a single moment. So much happening, yet not much to tell. How boring.

The countdown has officially begun. I know there’s less than a hundred days, and I refuse to install a countdown app to add to the stresses that are already there. RSVPs are rolling in, and yet the Post Office keeps on disappointing. Losing letters. Continuously. I swear that if couriering was cheaper, I’d rather use that. I’m willing to walk in and punch a random employee in the throat.

Other than the countdown, my wine intake has increased. My stress levels have increased, yet my will to do ANYTHING has decreased. I have a to-do list that I refuse to look at, I have tasks waiting, and yet, I find more pleasure in the mundane things, like trawling YouTube for wedding songs. And then defaulting to 80’s music. And singing along.

This also means I am using my adopted wine glass more. His name is Carl, and he’s a loyal companion – to jumbo wines.

On the non-wedding front there’s not much to show and tell, except this:

and this:

My procrastination habits lead me to YouTube often. As you can tell. Or they lead me to the kitchen, where I have found that experimenting with classics are way more fun than thinking about serious things, like Weddings. So I have opted in to feeding people.

I am a feeder. (sigh)

So much so that I opted in to participating in the Yuppiechef Eat for the Earth campaign this year. I decided to make a selection of pizzas from scratch for some friends, and have a pizza and wine (yes, always wine) evening at my house. The pizzas came out yummy, even if I have to say so myself, and I even won a little something for my from scratch effort.

Totally chuffed, even though they looked a bit wonky… let’s call them Rustic.

Now onto a glass of bubbles, because:

  • I survived Wednesday
  • People around me survived too
  • I didn’t shout (too much) at any idiots in traffic who can’t stay in their own lanes
  • It’s Wednesday
  • And did I mention it’s Wednesday?
  • Does one need any more reason?!

And then maybe some 80’s music.

P.S. These folks make a mightily good selection of wines… just a heads up. And they’re awesome. It’s what gets me through most days…

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