On Secret Santas…

This year, I have signed up for a brilliant Secret Santa initiative, thanks to @thestilettomum – it entails buying a small(ish) gift for someone they choose for you, and if you’ve been good, you can get something too. Or a lump of coal if you weren’t.

So, to my Secret Santa…

I promise I have been good this year… Mostly. I didn’t bite, unless provoked. And the other times, there was wine.

Below are examples of things I like:

  • I like pink stuff – whether it for the house, kitchen or me
  • I like teal/turquoise and mint as well
  • I like kitchen stuff – I bake and cook quite a bit
  • I like nail polishes in pinks, greys, nudes, mints…
  • I like things that smell nice; creams, lotions, potions, candles; whether for the bath or body. Vanilla is a favourite scent of mine.
  • I like coffee
  • I adore red wines and am always trying to find good stuff to drink at a decent price
  • I like vouchers too. Sorbet, Stuttafords, Edgars. Any of those are fine.
  • I don’t like knickknacks (kaggelkakkies) however. I like to be able to use stuff, or for,it to have a function other than take up space (think figurines, weird 80’s flower embellished porcelain stuff, basically those things); however if it’s a knickknack with a use, it’s fine. And I am not much of a jewellery person either.
  • If it comes from Typo, I will love you forever.

Hope this helps you 🙂

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