On sharing some tidbits…

The last few weeks have been hectic! But a good hectic… The new house has been keeping me busy (who would have thought keeping everything in it’s place would be so hard?!), I have been indulging myself in baking new things, and I got a Mac. Want to know the details? Read on.

On the 30th of July, I welcomed some girls into my new house. Baked some lovely red velvet cupcakes, and milk tart – followed by bubbly of course. The red velvet was a first… and came out quite yummy, even if I must say so myself… Thanks to Jessica, Nolene, RubyLetters, ExMi and Tanya for being there… 🙂

Work-wise, things are complicated, and I am very lucky to have the supporting other half I have. Would never have made it through this, or came this far without him! Needless to say, complications are not resolved, and probably won’t be, until my very awesome bass lady returns from maternity leave (yes, I have been spamming her on Whatsapp, telling her I miss her…).

As always, I am continually indulging myself in BodyThrills awesomeness – recently I have fallen in love lust with the Healing & Soothing bath tea. This, combined with the Detox Smoothie Face Mask makes up my perfect chill-out bath. This is my new favourite on top of favourites in the range.

On the food-side of life, I am really enjoying the bigger kitchen… I am baking more often (not so good for the waistline), my cooking has also been kicked up a notch, or two. I have also committed to doing some cooking classes at the Pick ‘n Pay Good Food Studio – kicking off with Thai cooking in September. I have always loved cooking, so I feel I can just as well expand my skill set…

We went to The Wine Show at the Dome over the weekend, and found some real gems. Including a very nice pink port. And some beautiful red wines (blends, Shiraz… yum). There was too much to taste (we don’t spit) – and would definitely need a weekend pass the next time around to get through everything. I loved finding some of the more boutique wine estates, and seeing what they had to offer. We were pleasantly surprised… and can’t wait to attend Winex later this year.

I am also finally getting back into the Pilates-thing at gym… after 6 weeks of not being able to do stomach or leg exercises. I really need to get more active. After I did my Vitality Fitness Assessment, I realised that I do need to get my ducks in a row. Comparing results of the assessments, as well as health checks over the past 3 years, I got quite a shock 🙁

Apart from all of this, I do feel like I need a holiday. Sunday was the first time in forever that I felt the need to nap. I am constantly tired, and in need of a recharge. But alas, this holiday-thing won’t be happening soon. So I’ll just have to find some relaxing things to do… Any suggestions? This doesn’t include cooking/baking. I want to relax… and not need more stretchypants.

This is all that’s new. Or nor so new. Yet it may be relevant. Or not.

P.S. Tanya and ExMi, here’s to hoping I can keep the plants you gave me alive. I repotted them today… maybe send your well wishes, as I am really not good with keeping most plants alive… eish.


4 thoughts on “On sharing some tidbits…

  1. tanya

    Enjoyed ur catchup post… Good luck with the plants!! I am rather bad with plants too, I promise I won’t b offended if it dies!! I do, however, find roses quite hardy, and my plants in the garden fare better than plants in pots… Sending green growing vibes your way!

    Ps u have inspired me to start baking more. More = more than once a year!!

  2. alidaonline

    Good luck with your plants. I am like the anti-green thumb. I love my plants until they die so I have no advice to give other than do not water them three times a day. They will drown.

  3. JessicaGiggles

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that is living in crazy-town at the moment. Not that I’m glad to hear that you’re busy…just glad to hear that I’m not the only one!


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