On six and a half…


Today, we’ve been together for six and a half years…

There were good times, great times. Times where we had wanted to kill each other. Times when we were together every day. Times where we had to learn to be in a long distance relationship. And times where we had to adjust to being together every day again.

You have survived my (sometimes) disastrous cooking attempts, my baking flops, my cooking experiments, and my somewhat OCD tendencies from time to time.

You have been (and are) supportive through everything I have attempted or wanted to attempt. You are my voice of reason on most days.

You have seen the good and the bad from me, and you’re still here with me.

We have laughed, fought, made up. We got engaged, and in ten(!) days, we will be getting married, and we’ll start a new chapter in our lives…

We have always made it work. And we will always make it work. Through the good and the bad. Through the tough and the awesome. Always.

I can’t imagine life without you.

Photo credit: Jeanette Verster

One thought on “On six and a half…

  1. Rubyletters

    Awe my friend..such a beautiful, sweet and honest post:) Congratulations to both of you on this milestone. When you can find someone who sees the good and the bad and the things inbetween and still choose to stick around..that’s true love right there:) Can’t wait for the big day! xx


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