On some gardening…

One of the things I have been attempting to do for a while, was a veggie garden. Nothing big, nothing over the top, but something with the basics, and hopefully a sense of satisfaction.

I have been reading tons of articles, and books, and over December, we constructed our veggie patch. We have added wood, to create a raised bed, and some shade netting to not let the plants burn to death.

We also worked in some soil, with many nutrients, so the veggies can grow and thrive with love and attention. Seedings were added, and voila, a garden. Some of the plans will of course, take longer than others to grow and be ready, but I am willing to wait, and cook with my harvest!

Veggie garden in progress

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Here are some books and articles I found helpful to start creating my space:

  1. Jane’s Delicious Garden – A book focusing on South African planting times, how to create an organic garden, maintain it, and harvest. A great read. She has three books about gardening – for any space and level of expertise.
  2. These articles on Houzz has been amazing as well:

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