On *stuff*…

Every time over the last few weeks (read: months) I have tried to sit down to write a blog post, *stuff* happened.

*stuff* can be classified as virtually anything; whether it’s an assignment that’s due, or studying for a next test, or just life in general, it happened, and I never got round to write any posts of any kind.

So many times I had formulated a post on my way home, only for it *not* to happen as intended. Because of *stuff*, but now, I can proudly say that a lot of *stuff* has come to an end, and I can seize control of my wayward life. Well, sort of.

I am finished with the course I started in the beginning of 2012. I collected my final results, as well as my certificate (who knew, right), and it feels like it’s finally over. The studying, the assignments, the stress waiting for results. It’s. All. Done. Oh yes, and I passed. Yay!

I have sold my faithful MacBook Pro. After almost a year, I decided it was time that we split up, and I continue on to getting a new shiny iMac. I think I got the laptop because I have always wanted a portable computer of sorts, and then when I had it, it felt that I didn’t utilise it enough. At all. It’s not like I am a consultant, or do loads of travelling, and besides, the iPad* kind of fills that need, and it’s lighter, AND fits into my handbag.

*Yes, I got an iPad. After many discussions (with myself mostly), I got one. Never really saw the need for one, until I got myself one. Besides, I can do most Wedding planning stuff (yes, stuff) on it, and it fits in almost all of my handbags. And I can Pinterest from anywhere. Great solution, if you ask me.

I bought a new car. Big, terrifying step of note. I have never had car payments, and the timing isn’t ideal, but it was time to say goodbye to my noble steed of so many years, and get a newer, sexier model to assist me in my travels and adventures. It drives like a dream, and I cannot be happier (sans one or two hiccups). But other than that, I’ll see how I feel tomorrow when the first payment happens *gulp*.

In other related news, we started to look for venues, found one, booked one and set a date. Fabulous. Now the real planning starts, right? If you have any tips, throw them my way, please. A girl can always use handy tips to make things easier.

The whole thought of getting married, is terrifying. Not the spending-the-rest-of-my-sane-life-with-the-same-person-bit, but the admin to plan an event that people will mostly just judge on the food and how much they pay for drinks. That scares me. And my logic keeps asking me why I have to pay (a grand amount) for them to come see me get married. But, as traditions go, we’ll follow a few. Throw some others out, and start planning our perfect day.

I have trawled endless pages of wedding ideas, and will be heading to the Wedding Expo, to see what’s out there, and to just, I don’t know, gather inspiration? Something like that.

I have, however, learnt one thing. Weddings are expensive. Sheesh.

Hopefully things will be back to normal from now, and I’ll have time for other things. Normal things. Like this.



2 thoughts on “On *stuff*…

  1. Rubyletters

    I find that *stuff* happens to me all the time also….such annoying little things:p

    Yay for booking venue and setting date and the car and the other food stuff:)
    Just remember that at the end of the day this is your (you and future hubby) special day…and as such yours are the only opinions thr truly matter:)

  2. alida

    The only advice I have (and I have said this before) is have fun. Laugh and play and enjoy the time you’re spending together whether it’s checking out your venue again or picking colours for the table cloths. When you look back at the whole wedding planning time you want to have good memories of that too.

    Oh and YAY and congrats for all your *stuff*.


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